Thursday, December 4, 2008

Grenade Shaped Quickload Feeder of 800 Rds. 0.12g Yellow BB's

  • High Quality 6 mm Airsoft Pellets
  • Softair
  • 72072

Price $4.99
List Price $9.99 ~ You save $5.00

Knives Look for Butterfly knives that are heavy, sturdy, and very durable. Make sure they are boast cast metal handles and the blades are made of 440 stainless steel. Most butterfly knifes are 5 1/4 inches long when they're closed and 9 inches long when opened. Some companies have folding knives that are high quality yet inexpensive. And some retailers get such a great deal on these folding knives that they can't help but give them to you at unbelievably low prices. Most of these folding knifes comes with its own belt clip for ease of carrying and especially ease of access. Pen knives have always been a favorite item. They are actual writing pens that secretly contain a knife hidden in the pen. All you do is pull apart the pen to reveal the 2.13 inch blade contained inside. These elegantly designed pen knives come in either gold, black, or silver. The Heart Attack is a keychain knife that looks like a heart. However, it is made out of very hard plastic that can be used for punching. Use it as a keychain and always have a self defense weapon available. You can also get the ultimate survival knife with a stocked survival kit in the handle. Survival knife usually kit comes with a compass, matches, fishing hooks and line, a metal wire saw, and more. Great for hunting, fishing, and trapping in the wild. Heavy duty spikes attach to handle for trapping and field craft uses.

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