Sunday, November 18, 2007

Airsoft Guns Types

Airsoft BB guns vary from simple spring action pistols to fully automatic full size and mini electric guns that shoot 12,000 BB's per minute through six rotating barrels. Although the majority of the models in the market are some where in the middle. All the guns propel their projectiles, BB's, by use of one these three systems:

Airsoft Spring Action
This is te most basic type of airsoft gun, a great choice for entry level purposes.This is a manually operated gun that must be reloaded after each shot by re-cocking the lever or slide of the gun.

Airsoft Gas Operated
These models can vary from low/middle end to very high end. The lower end models are usually gas operated, nonblowback. Higher models can include rifles or SMG (SubMachineGun). In the fixed slide or non-blowback type of gas operated guns there is a gas chamber that is reloaded after shooting several magazines. The gun is capable of semi-automatic and/or full automatic fire. In the gas blowback type, the slide moves back and forth like in a real gun when shooting. There is distinct recoil and gas chamber located in the magazine. This type of gas operated air gun is very realistic both in feel and action.

Electric Airsoft Gun
The top of the line in Airsoft Guns is electric airsoft guns, powered by a battery. They shoot around 750 rounds per minute fully automatically with superior reliability! And they don't have to be recharged as often as gas operated guns, and there is no heavy gas cartridges to carry. Normal operation, depending on battery size, can last anwhere from 600 rounds to 3,000 rounds. A basic rule of thumb for battery consumption and life is each mah rating a battery has is equivalent to firing one BB / pellet.

Airsoft: BB Rifles and Guns

Love Paintball? Big paintball fanatic? Laser Tag not getting you going? I have the answer, the wonderful world of Airsoft BB guns and rifles. New heights of realism, previously not possible can be accomplished with Airsoft guns and gaming. These guns are realistic replicas of almost all the used weapons in warfare, but they fire 6mm plastic BB's. Our goal at AirsoftSplat is to help you understand the sport of Airsoft gaming, and its superiority over other similar sports. You will never go back!

A Short History of Airsoft BB Guns and Rifles
Developed first in the US then making it's way over to Japan in the 1980's. Since real firearms are illegal in Asia, Airsoft gaming soon became all the rage. With the advent of the Internet in the 1990's, the Airsoft BB guns and rifles niche has spread all over the world and made great leaps in America. Especially in the United States, many establishments that previously carried paintball guns are now also moving over to more realistic BB guns, such as airsoft.

Advocates prefer Airsoft rifles, pistols, and machine guns as a better choice than paintball guns due to their inexpensive nature. Also, the weapons and guns add realism to the game and sport, allowing for more tactical maneuvers. Airsoft BB guns and pistols take the level of your basic paintball, laser tag, or shooter game, and enhance it until you feel like you're playing actual, as they call it, war games. These war games include scenarios, objectives, and team participation and planning. It's an intense sport highly suited for those simulation tactics.

The Low Down About Airsoft BB Guns and Rifles
Like many sports and games, if used correctly, there's nothing dangerous or scary about a game played with Airsoft BB guns and rifles. The game itself is can be played in an outdoor or indoor venue, although most usually being outdoor. There are several different playing styles, some incorporate separate teams, who either freeform skirmish, or try to achieve an objective, such as capture the flag; other styles include multiple teams and a process of elimination or "kill them all" in which the first team to be completely eliminated is considered defeated.

While capture the flag is somewhat common for a battle played with Airsoft BB guns and rifles, many other scenarios are just as popular and commonly played. For example, you can stage search and rescue or search and destroy missions, or launch assaults on the enemy's base. Either way, as the game plays out, members of each team will try to "kill" or tag their opponents.

In a game using Airsoft BB guns and rifles, a player is "killed" when he or she receives a hit anywhere on their body. Regardless of whether or not a hit would be a mortal wound, a hit equals a "kill." When a player is "killed," it's up to the rules of the individual game whether he or she is out of the game for good, or only has to sit out for a short time.

Gaming With Airsoft BB Guns and Rifles
Today, millions of people experience the exhilaration and camaraderie of games using Airsoft BB guns and rifles every year. We are among those millions. We're not warmongers, nor are we violent in our everyday lives. We simply love the excitement and thrill of a game as physically and strategically challenging as the one we play with Airsoft.

There are many misconceptions about Airsoft and other shooting games, and we hope to put many of them to rest in this web site. We put up AirsoftSplat not only for that purpose, but also to showcase how much we enjoy our Airsoft games. We'd recommend these games to anyone, whether you've been a paintball aficionado for years, or whether you've never had the desire to hold even a fake gun in your hand. Airsoft games are at rock bottom good clean fun, and offer the kind of mental and physical challenge you won't find just playing Monopoly or going to the gym. Airsoft